Hannaford's Fresh Meals in Minutes

Sorry about the orientation of this photo but I wanted to share with you Hannaford's Fresh Meals in minutes items.

OK, so it isn't organic, BUT for those of us that need a really quick but healthy dinner, I just made it in my WOK in 10 minutes, NO KIDDING!!  The only thing I did was use my sesame oil to cook the chicken and veggies in, then I added their ginger sauce.

I bought the Asparagus Mix, Ginger Scallion dressing and made my own rice, I did buy the sliced chicken but will buy my organic chicken next time.  Depends on how strict you are about organic.  You can purchase whole grain carbs there too.  The nice thing is it is all located in one spot in the store, meat section.  You go in directly to that section and in 10 minutes you are out of the store (unless you are like me and pick up a couple other things....).    Like I said this isn't something for everyday but it does help to make dinners easy and healthy on those fly by nights!!!   I give it a thumbs up!!