Take this time to set a healthy goal.

Some of you may be celebrating Ash Wednesday and have chosen something to give up for Lent for the next 6 weeks.  Some of you that are not Christian may simply take this time to give up an unhealthy habit.   Whatever the case may be this is a good time to choose one habit that is not good for your health or wellness, giving it up for the 6 week term.

You can also try to add in something that is really good for you, whatever it may be, exercise such as walking outside in the fresh air instead of a closed in gym environment, adding in a good nutrient dense food like kale (check out new recipes online), getting more sleep by turning off the TV or computers and head to bed an hour earlier.

It is recognized that it takes 6 months to truly break a bad habit, or gain a good habit, so this 6 weeks will kick start it for you!

(Picture from Cabo Mexico, Lover's Beach, in April 2011.)

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