Client Testimonials

Kind words from my clients.......

As a husband, father, start-up CEO, and aspiring triathlete – I've got many competing priorities, and my own nutrition and health can sometimes pay the price.  I fly roughly 40 weeks a year, and it's not easy to maintain healthy eating habits or have the right level of energy to adequately power some pretty lengthy workouts.  It's too easy to rely on caffeinated energy gels or meal replacement bars to compensate for missing or late meals.  
Bev is a great listener, and developed a plan tailor-fit for me.  She pulled me off of the energy gels and GU chomps, and gave me a series of specific snacks and meals that I could choose from depending on my workouts.  She provided the recipes, the rationale, the best ingredients, and made many of them herself for me to sample.  Bev got my entire family totally hooked on juicing vegetables and fruits, baking homemade granola bars, and blending great tasting whey-protein smoothies.  
Bev's exercise and nutrition plans definitely made a difference for me.  I've felt stronger in my triathlon training, and have remained injury free.  In fact, I've just recorded a personal record time at my most recent triathlon earlier this month! 
Thanks Bev for helping me to find the perfect balance!

The vast information now available about nutrition and it's relationship to Health is simply overwhelming.  Working with Beverly has been a life saver as she is able to discriminate and tailor what is best for my personal needs.   Her strong foundation of experience and knowledge keeps me on an encouraging, simplified and supportive course.  Nutrition is key to both addressing chronic issues and more importantly, becoming proactive in preventative measures.  I love her Workshops and most importantly, the genuine care and support that she brings.  My gratitude is immeasurable for having the opportunity to team up with Beverly!
Justine, Workshop Attendee 

Thanks to Bev, I will never say “I’m on a diet” again. I feel healthy and I eat healthy!  I have not given up food groups to lose weight.  I have increased highly nutritional food choices, increased whole foods, increased recreation and family time and lost weight. Bev has taught me how to make effective changes that fit into my daily life. She provided me with a wealth of information to enable me make educated decisions when shopping for new foods. Bev taught me about how our bodies use various whole foods for energy and wellness. I have not only maintained my weight but have increased my energy, focus, and attention to all aspects of my daily life. I now know how to interpret a food craving as a message from my body that I am lacking a nutrient or am neglecting an area of my life. She continues to be supportive not only of my personal nutritional questions but of questions I have regarding my family’s nutritional and health needs. I love it when my family and friends ask what diet I am on and where I get my energy!  So many of my friends ask who Beverly is and where they can find her information. I feel confident in exploring new recipes, preparing whole foods, and encourage others to speak with Beverly. 
Mindy, Workshop Series Attendee


Bev, Thanks for the reminder of nature. It truly is healing. I do take time to appreciate nature, especially the day sky, the moon and the stars but the quiet and breathing takes it to a new level.
You have been such a great inspiration to me, my life and my well being. I greatly appreciate you and am blessed to have met you. You have guided me to getting "me" "My Life" back.
Thank you for everything,
Joanne Fisher, Client

"Working with Beverly was more than I ever imagined it could be.  She has awakened me to what it means to truly be healthy, not just "eating better".  We worked on the many facets of becoming a healthy person - mentally, spiritually and physically.  Beverly's ability to customize and follow-through on clients' individual needs is outstanding.  I learned how to eat healthy and stay full, and exercise to see results, which has influenced my family as well.  Her motivation and passion for helping women live their best lives has made me want to stick with this lifestyle for the long haul."
Erin, Client